GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Sociology Sociological Concepts-Sociological Concepts Study Material (Page 4 of 9)

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Authority: Definitions of Authority, Types of Authority

Authority Image


  • It is stable, invasive phenomenon in the human society. Every society is preserving itself with order, and it is authority that is the base stone of social order.
  • As confirmed by intellectuals it is wrong to suppose authority only as a political fact. Every connection in a society is it impermanent, permanent, and small or big has its own arrangement of authority.

Definitions of Authority

  • According to Max Weber: Authority refers to control, which is regarded as lawful in the minds of followers.
  • According to Robertson: those to whom it is appli…

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Bureaucracy: Marx Weber՚s View on Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is the Key Characteristic


  • Nowadays we all exist with, are served by and probably work for organizations, function in the bureaucratic fashion outlined by Max Weber. Bureaucracy is the key characteristic of recent civilization…

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