GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Sociology Sociological Concepts-Sociological Concepts Study Material (Page 1 of 9)

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Culture: Definition by Some Sociologists, Culture Elements, Characteristic of Culture, Difference between Culture and Civilization



  • It is culture only which transmits from one generation to the next. Culture is a complex and wide term. It is the learned behaviour of the people. It is idealistic and fulfills some needs.
  • In short we can say culture is a way of life of a community. It is culture which flourished from time to time. Culture is related to inner tendency.
The Image of Culture

The Image of Culture

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Culture and civilization are indirectly related to each other. Sociologists are not unanimous in their opinion concerning the relation between culture and civilization. It is believed that is the civilization is the body and culture is the soul.

Definition by Some Sociologists

  • Malionowsky defined culture as “t

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Family: Definition by Some Sociologists, Characteristics of Family, Functions of the Family, Joint Family, Nuclear Family

  • First Agency which converts a biological organism into a social being and the development of self. Family comes under this primary group.
  • First institution in the man life. It is a basic unit and most important unit. A man behaves in the society whatever he has become in his family.
Image show of the Family

Image Show of the Family

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  • In the family, a child learns methods of living, how to communicate with others, how to respect the elders etc. He

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