GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Theories of Learning-Operant Conditioning Study Material (Page 5 of 7)

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Generalization: Stimulus Generalization


Generalization is reacting in a similar way to different stimulus situations. Generalization gradient is more when number of stimuli items show increased degree of generalization with standard stimuli. Greater the degree of generalization greater will be the magnitude of resulting transfer effect.

Stimulus Generalization

Stimulus Generalization is the tendency of a subject to respond to a stimulus or a group of stimuli similar but not identical to the original CS. For example, a subject may make the desired response when exposed to any sound (that is, to a generalized stimulus) rather than making such a response only to …

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Generalization: Mediated and Response


Mediated Generalization

In mediated generalization, the generalization occurs through some medium. For example, semantic generalization occurs through meaning in the word.

Response Generalization

In stimulus generalization, the response is fixed and focus is on the extent to which stimuli other than CS that would evoke CR. In response generalization, this paradigm is reversed and the subject acquires a range of responses other than CR that are excitable by …

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