GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Social Psychology-Belief Systems and Value Patterns Study Material (Page 1 of 2)

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Values: Important Concepts and Definitions

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Values and Attitudes

Values are one’s judgments about what is important in life. Term value is sociological concept and falls within the realms of ethics, economics, aesthetics and religion.

Important Concepts

  • Values exist as they are experienced in human minds and translated into human actions. They are related to deep-rooted feelings and beliefs of individual.
  • The values determine the direction of human actions.
  • Values are foundation of attitudes,

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Values: Characteristics of Values


Characteristics of Values

  • They are defined by the satisfaction of human wants and psychological needs of the person.
  • They are generalized. They guide individual behavior towards an organized end.
  • Values are an outcome of human choice among competing human interests.
  • Values can be defined as the psychic-energy invested in the personality of an individual.
  • They are the real determinant of human behavior and help establish relationship between subject and object.
  • Values are socially approved desires, goals, and experiences of life that guide the actions and behavior.

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