GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Research Methods and Statistics-Statistics in Psychology Study Material (Page 7 of 9)

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Sampling Techniques: Sampling Design


Sampling Design

Following are important steps in sampling design or sample survey.

  • Define the population of objects to be sampled.
  • Select and justify a sampling method: Probability sampling vs. non-probability sampling
  • Select and justify a sample size, this selection in term would affect- usefulness and comprehensiveness of content, reliability of results, intelligibility, speed, economy of operation, accurate interpretation, and result presentation.
  • Take pilot sample to decide the degree of precisio…

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Sampling Techniques: Types of Samples


Types of Samples

Probability sampling increases the probability of obtaining samples representative of the population. It is therefore considered as best sampling method.

Probability Sampling (Representative Samples)

The aim of this kind of sampling is to represent the population- in composition and characteristics interesting for the research. Every item in the universe has a known chance or probability of being selected as sample. Sampling operation is so objective that items are selected with some degree of randomness. For example, sample can be representative in terms of age, gender, schooling, economic status, and so on. It therefore provides most valid or credible results.

Probability …

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