GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Research Methods and Statistics-Nature of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Study Material (Page 2 of 8)

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Interview: Personal and Telephone Interviews


Personal Interviews

Advantages of Personal Interview

  • Gathers more information and has greater depth
  • Interviewer by his own skill can overcome resistance
  • Has greater flexibility
  • Provides opportunity for recording verbal answers to various questions
  • Personal information can be easily obtained
  • Interviewer can control which person will answer the questions
  • Interviewer can catch the informant off guard
  • Language can be adapted to the ability and educational level of the interviewee
  • Establishes rapport with the respondents

Limitations of Personal Interview

  • It is expensive method
  • Has possibility of biasness
  • Is more time…

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Observation: Important Definitions and Characteristics of Observation


Important Definitions

According to Goode and Hatt (1984) , science begins with observation and ultimately returns to observation.

According to Young (1954) , observation is a deliberate study of eye, may be used as a method of scrutinizing collective behavior, complex institutions as well as separate units of totality.

According to Moser (1958) , observation can be called as classi…

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