GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Psychometrics-Scales and Items Construction and Analysis of Items Study Material (Page 2 of 7)

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Common Intelligence Tests: Common Subtests


Common Subtests

Many intelligence tests utilize similar subtests, particularly some of the subtests that constitute the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test. Hence, an understanding of these subtests provides an insight into many tests. Some of the most common subtests are:

  • Block Design, in this subtest individual arranges blocks, which comprise white or red sides to form specific patterns in a limited time. These are regarded as an excellent measure of spatial ability.
  • Comprehension of Social Expressions and Principles, such as comprehension of phrase, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”
  • Digit Span, which include oral questions such as “Can y…

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Aptitude: Important Definitions and Difference between Aptitude and Ability and Achievement


Specific ability, distinct from general intellectual ability that helps in acquiring proficiency or achievement in specific field is known as aptitude.

Important Definitions

According to Brigham, aptitude refers to those qualities characterizing a person՚s way of behavior, which serve to indicate how well he can learn to meet…

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