GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Forgetting-Encoding Failure Study Material (Page 2 of 2)

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Anterograde vs. Retrograde Amnesia: Causes of Anterograde Amnesia


Causes of Anterograde Amnesia

  • Shock
  • Emotional disorders
  • Can be drug induced (mainly by benzodiazepines)
  • Traumatic brain injury in which there is usually damage to hippocampus or surrounding cortices.

Retrograde Amnesia: Characteristics of Retrograde Amnesia


It is the opposite of anterograde amnesia. The victim can recall events that occurred after a trauma but cannot remember previously acquainted information or the events preceding trauma.

Characteristics of Retrograde Amnesia

  • It involves the loss of memories that were cre…

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Retrograde Amnesia: Types and Causes of Retrograde Amnesia


Types of Retrograde Amnesia

  • Temporally Graded Retrograde Amnesia: Remote memories are more easily accessible than events occurring just prior to the trauma (Ribot՚s law)
  • Stable, Temporally Ungraded Retrograde Amnesia: All memories are degraded to similar extent independent of the temporal distance from trauma

Causes of Retrograde Amnesia

Retrograde amnesia is caused by trauma that results in brain injury. It results from damage to the brain regions mostly related with epi…

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