GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Emotion-Nature of Emotions Study Material (Page 1 of 1)

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Concept and Definition of Emotion: Important Definition


Word emotion comes from “Emover” (Latin word) which means, to move, stir and agitate i.e.. , it is stirred up stage of an organism which initiates and directs behavior. It is a conscious experience arising in specific kind of situation accompanied by disturbing physica…

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Characteristics of Emotions: Major Research Studies


Emotions have following characteristics

  • They are a type of experience
  • Generate from psychological reasons
  • Although they evolve suddenly, stimuli is required
  • Cause psychological and internal changes
  • Cause heightened perception for objects and stimuli
  • Denote attraction, distraction and experience of man
  • Cause the behavior to be concentrated in one direction i.e.. , approach and withdrawal
  • Found in all people and are universal
  • Provide security in adverse situation as person becomes more active
  • Are caused by psychophysiological process
  • Have wide affect in all levels of behavior
  • Can be disturbing and can even cause paralyzing effect
  • Excite vascular muscular appar…

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