GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Applications of Psychology-Psychological Disorders: Conceptions of Mental Disorders Study Material (Page 19 of 24)

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Mood Disorder: Types of Mood Disorders


Mood disorder refers to group of emotional disturbances associated with serious and persistent difficulty in maintaining a productive emotional state. It mainly causes depression, mania, depressive neurosis, and cyclothymic disorder (bipolar mood disorder that causes hypomanic and mild depressive episodes).

Types of Mood Disorders

They can be classified into two types

Unipolar Mood Disorders

Unipolar is most frequent form of mood disorder characterized by only depressive episodes (whereas in bipolar disorder person experiences both manic and depressive phases). Unipolar disorder includes depression of both mild and moderate degree.

Symptoms of Unipolar Mood Disorders

  • Loss of initiative
  • Feeling

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Mood Disorder: Causes of Mood Disorder and Management Techniques for Mood Disorders


Causes of Mood Disorder

  • Genetic
  • Biochemical
  • Neuro-endocrinal
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Introjection (process where the subject replicates in itself behaviors, attributes or other fragments of the surrounding world) of lost object
  • Behavioral and cognitive
  • Stress
  • Sexual maladjustment
  • Constitutional
  • Sociocultural
  • Disturbing life events and unhealthy interpersonal relations
  • It has been suggested that a hypersensitivity of the melatonin receptors in the eye could be

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