GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Applications of Psychology-Applications of Theories of Motivation and Learning in School Study Material (Page 9 of 19)

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Physical Handicapped: Visually Handicapped


The physical handicap can be of various types

Visually Handicapped

It is defined as inability to see within normal limits.

  • Total Blind: Vision is 20 ∕ 200 or worse and requires leaning in Braille system
  • Partial Blind: Vision is 20 ∕ 70 to 20 ∕ 200 and requires large printed textbooks

Causes of Blindness

  • Infectious disease
  • Common disease or deficiency
  • Effect of poison
  • Accident or injury

Things Associated with Blind Child

  • They might be kept aloof due to fear of accident
  • They face dullness in community life
  • They generally have sharp memory
  • They have exceptional development of other sense organs

Educating Blind Child

It involves using following techniques

  • Braille letters
  • Special tools and instruments
  • Extra co-curricular activities…

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Physical Handicapped: Deaf or Aurally Handicapped


Deaf or Aurally Handicapped

In these cases, auditory or hearing perception is the problem. Child can be either deaf or hard of hearing.

Causes of Deafness

  • Deformities in pregnancy
  • Effect of hereditary
  • Illness
  • Accidents

Developing Auditory Perception in Deaf Child

Auditory perception in deaf children can be developed through

  • Speech development
  • Teaching lip reading and movement
  • Language development
  • Reading

Develop Auditory Power in Hard of Hearing Child

Auditory percept…

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