GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology Applications of Psychology-Applications of Theories of Motivation and Learning in School Study Material (Page 5 of 19)

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Vocational Guidance: Important Definition and Characteristics of Vocational Guidance


Vocational guidance is the process of helping people in planning their lifework.

Important Definition

According to Myers, vocational guidance is a process of assisting individual to do for himself certain definite things pertaining to his or her vocation.

Characteristics of Vocational Guidance

  • Helps in selecting vocation of interest and aptitude
  • Helps progress in a vocation and its eventual selection as a livelihood
  • It is a comprehensive process
  • Helps profession to better adapt to changes and earn livelihood
  • Helps in developing an individual՚s potentials
  • Help people in achieving their goals in profession life, create happiness and satisfaction
  • Requires following information
  • Ind…

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Vocational Guidance: Objectives and Need of Vocational Guidance


Objectives of Vocational Guidance

Vocational guidance is used to

  • Match individuals with right vocation
  • Facilitate observation of different vocations
  • Help an individual develop comprehensive interest in a vocation
  • Assist in developing the right abilities after selection for a vocation
  • Inform individuals and society about the importance of vocation
  • Inculcate feeling of idealism in terms of vocation (ideal vocation, ideal employee) , and motivate individuals to achieve those ideals
  • Develop capability to find vocational information and the ability to consume such information (for example information which could help in searching new and …

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