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We have a total of 369 Study Material available on GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Psychology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Research Methods and Statistics (69)

Designing Research (16)

Nature of Quantitative & Qualitative Research (15)

Statistics in Psychology (18)

Special Correlation Methods (4)

Regression (2)

Factor Analysis (11)

Experimental Designs (3)

Psychometrics (16)

Foundations of Psychological Measurement; Basic Components (1)

Scales and Items Construction and Analysis of Items (15)

Biological and Evolutionary Basis of Behaviour (13)

Structures of the Brain and Their Functions (5)

Neurons (8)

Sensation (4)

What is Sensation (2)

Vision (1)

Hearing (1)

Perception (11)

Organizing Principles of Perception (8)

Gestalt Perception (1)

Depth Perception and Illusions (2)

Theories of Learning (22)

Classical Conditioning (6)

Operant Conditioning (14)

Social Learning Theory (1)

Cognitive Learning (1)

Forgetting (10)

Encoding Failure (5)

The Physical Aspects of Memory (5)

Problem Solving (4)

Methods of Problem Solving (3)

Role of Metacognitive Processing (1)

Intelligence (18)

Emotional Intelligence (5)

Measuring Intelligence (2)

Individual Differences in Intelligence (3)

Role of Heredity and Environment (5)

Aptitude and Creativity (3)

Personality: Theories of Personality (6)

Psychoanalytic (6)

Motivation (9)

Approaches to Understanding Motivation: Instinct (3)

Drive-Reduction (1)

Achievement Motivation (5)

Emotion (13)

Nature of Emotions (2)

Biological Basis of Emotions (4)

Theories of Emotions (7)

Stress and Coping (6)

Factors in Stress Reaction (5)

Coping with Stress (1)

Social Psychology (48)

Social Perception: Attribution (11)

Social Influence (2)

Attitude Formation (1)

Attitude Change and Persuasion (2)

Cognitive Dissonance (5)

Prejudice (9)

Belief Systems and Value Patterns (4)

Group Dynamics (4)

Theories of Intergroup Relations and Conflicts (10)

Developmental Psychology (3)

Prenatal Development (3)

Applications of Psychology (117)

Psychological Disorders: Conceptions of Mental Disorders (49)

Assessment and Diagnosis (18)

PTSD and Trauma (3)

Psychotherapies (10)

Applications of Theories of Motivation and Learning in School (37)

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