Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (GATE Physics): Questions 1 - 3 of 46

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Question number: 1

» Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics » Black-Body Radiation and Planck's Distribution Law

Appeared in Year: 2016

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The total power emitted by a spherical black body of radius R at a temperature T is P1 . Let P2 be the total power emitted by another spherical black body of radius R2 kept at temperature 2T . The ratio P1P2 is _ . (Give your answer up to two decimal places)

Question number: 2

» Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics » Probability Ensembles

Appeared in Year: 2016

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The entropy S of a system of N spins, which may align either in the upward or in the downward direction, is given by S=kBN[plnp+(1p)ln(1p)] . Here, kB is the Boltzmann constant. The probability of alignment in the upward direction is p . The value of p , at which the entropy is maximum is _. (Give your answer up to one decimal place)

Question number: 3

» Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics » Macrostates and Microstates

Appeared in Year: 2015



Consider a system of N non – interacting spin 12 particles, each having a magnetic moment μ , is in a magnetic field B=Bz^ . If E is the total energy of the system, the number of accessible microstates Ω is given by,


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