Solid State Physics (GATE Physics): Questions 5 - 7 of 65

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Question number: 5

» Solid State Physics » Diffraction Methods for Structure Determination

Appeared in Year: 2014

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Neutrons moving with speed 103ms are used for the determination of crystal structure. If the Bragg angle for the first order diffraction is 30° , the interplanar spacing of the crystal is __________ .

(Given: mn=1.675×1027kg,h=6.626×1034Js )

Question number: 6

» Solid State Physics » Bonding in Solids

Appeared in Year: 2014



The Miller indices of a plane passing through the three points having coordinates (0, 0,1),(1, 0,0),(12,12,14) are –


Choice (4) Response









Question number: 7

» Solid State Physics » Mobility and Effective Mass

Appeared in Year: 2016

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The energy vs wave vector (Ek) relationship near the bottom of a band for a solid can be approximation as E=A(ka)2+B(ka)4 , where the lattice constant a=2.1 . The values of A and B are 6.3×1019J and 3.2×1020J , respectively. At the bottom of the conduction band, the ratio of the effective mass of the electron to the mass of fee electron is _ . (Give your answer up to two decimal placed)

(Take =1.05×1034Js, mass of free electron =9.1×1031kg )

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