Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 39 - 40 of 77

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Question 39

Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences
Analysis of Thermodynamic Cycles Related to Energy Conversions

Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

In a steam power plant, superheated steam at 10 MPa and , is expanded isentropically in a turbine until it becomes a saturated vapour. It is then reheated at constant pressure to . The steam is next expanded isentropically in another turbine until it reaches the condenser pressure of 20 kPa. Relevant properties of steam are given in the following two tables. The work done by both the turbines together is ________ kJ/kg (round off to the nearest integer) .

Superheated Steam Table:

Superheated Steam Table
Pressure, p (MPa)Temperature, Enthalpy, h (kJ/kg)Entropy, s (kJ/kg. K)

Saturated Steam Table:

Superheated Steam Table
Pressure, p (MPa)Sat. Temperature, Enthalpy, h (kJ/kg)Entropy, s (kJ/kg. K)
1 MPa179.91762.92778.12.13866.5965
20 kPa60.06251.382609.70.83197.9085

Question 40

Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences
Behaviour of Real and Ideal Gases

Appeared in Year: 2021


Numeric Answer▾

An object is moving with a Mach number of 0.6 in an ideal gas environment, which is at a temperature of 350 K. The gas constant is 320 J/kg. K and ratio of specific heats is 1.3 The speed of the object is ________ m/s (round off to nearest integer) . (February Shift 2)

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