Applied Mechanics and Design [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 76 - 78 of 82

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Question 76

Applied Mechanics and Design
Elastic Constants

Appeared in Year: 2019


Numeric Answer▾

A solid cube of side 1 m is kept at a room temperature of . The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the cube material is / and the bulk modulus is 200 GPa. If the cube is constrained all around and heated uniformly to , then the magnitude of volumetric (mean) stress (in MPa) induced due to heating is ________.

Question 77

Applied Mechanics and Design
Trusses and Frames

Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

A beam of negligible mass is hinged at support P and has a roller support Q as shown in the figure.

A Beam of Negligible Mass is Hinged at Support P

A point load of 1200 N is applied at point R. The magnitude of the reaction force at support Q is ________ N.

Question 78

Applied Mechanics and Design
Velocity and Accceleration Analysis of Plane Mechanisms

Appeared in Year: 2019



A car having weight W is moving in the direction as shown in the figure. The center of gravity (CG) of the car is located at height h from the ground, midway between the front and rear wheels. The distance between the front and rear wheels is l. The acceleration of the car is a, and acceleration due to gravity is g. The reactions on the front wheels and rear wheels are given by

A Car Having Weight W


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