Applied Mechanics and Design [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 66 - 67 of 82

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Question 66

Applied Mechanics and Design
Fatigue Strength

Appeared in Year: 2021


Numeric Answer▾

The figure shows the relationship between fatigue strength (S) and fatigue life (N) of a material. The fatigue strength of the material for a life of 1000 cycles is 450 MPa. while its fatigue strength for a life of cycles is 150 MPa.

The Relationship between Fatigue Strength

The life of a cylindrical shaft made of this material subjected to an alternating stress of 200 MPa will then be cycles (round off to the nearest integer) .

Question 67

Applied Mechanics and Design
Free and Forced Vibrations of Single Degree of Freedom Systems

Appeared in Year: 2021



A machine of mass 100 kg is subjected to an external harmonic force with a frequency of 40 rad/s. The designer decides to mount the machine on an isolator to reduce the force transmitted to the foundation. The isolator can be considered as a combination of stiffness (K) and damper (damping factor, ) in parallel. The designer has the following four isolators:

(A) K = 640 kN/m,

(B) K = 640 kN/m,

(C) K = 22.5 kN/m,

(D) K = 22.5 kN/m,

Arrange the isolators in the ascending order of the force transmitted to the foundation.


Choice (4)Response


3 - 1-2 - 4


1 - 3-4 - 2


4 - 3-1 - 2


1 - 3-2 - 4

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