Applied Mechanics and Design [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 59 - 61 of 82

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Question 59

Applied Mechanics and Design
Stress and Strain

Appeared in Year: 2019


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Consider an elastic straight beam of length , with square cross-section of side a = 5 mm, with Young՚s modulus E = 200 GPa. This straight beam was bent in such a way that the two ends meet, to form a circle of mean radius R. Assuming that Euler-Bernoulli beam theory is applicable to this bending problem, the maximum tensile bending stress in the bent beam is ________ MPa.

An Elastic Straight Beam of Length

Question 60

Applied Mechanics and Design
Free and Forced Vibrations of Single Degree of Freedom Systems

Appeared in Year: 2019


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A uniform thin disk of mass 1 kg and radius 0.1 m is kept on a surface as shown in the figure. A spring of stiffness N/m is connected to the disk center A and another spring of stiffness N/m is connected at point B just above point A on the circumference of the disk. Initially, both the springs are unstretched. Assume pure rolling of the disk. For small disturbance from the equilibrium, the natural frequency of vibration of the system is ________ rad/s (round off to one decimal place) .

Energy Method

Question 61

Applied Mechanics and Design
Deflection of Beams

Appeared in Year: 2020



A cantilever of length l, and flexural rigidity EI, stiffened by a spring of stiffness k, is loaded by a transverse force P, as shown.

A Cantilever of Length L

The transverse deflection under the load is


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