Applied Mechanics and Design [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 56 - 58 of 82

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Question 56

Applied Mechanics and Design
Euler's Theory of Columns

Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

Uniaxial compression test data for a solid metal bar of length 1 m is shown in the figure.

Uniaxial Compression Test Data for a Solid Metal Bar

The bar material has a linear elastic response from O to P followed by a nonlinear response. The point P represents the yield point of the material. The rod is pinned at both the ends. The minimum diameter of the bar so that it does not buckle under axial loading before reaching the yield point is ________ mm (round off to one decimal place) .

Question 57

Applied Mechanics and Design
Gear Trains and Flywheels

Appeared in Year: 2020



The sun (S) and the planet (P) of an epicyclic gear train shown in the figure have identical number of teeth.

The Sun (S) and the Planet (P)

If the sun (S) and the outer ring (R) gears are rotated in the same direction with angular speed , respectively, then angular speed of the arm AB is


Choice (4)Response





All of the above

Question 58

Applied Mechanics and Design
Free Body Diagrams

Appeared in Year: 2021


Numeric Answer▾

A block of negligible mass rests on a surface that is inclined at to the horizontal plane as shown in the figure. When a vertical force of 900 N and a horizontal force of 750 N are applied, the block is just about to slide.

A Block of Negligible Mass Rests

The coefficient of static friction between the block and surface is ________ (round off to two decimal places) .

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