Applied Mechanics and Design [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering]: Questions 50 - 52 of 82

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Question 50

Applied Mechanics and Design
Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion Including Impulse and Momentum

Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

A rigid block of mass m1 = 10 kg having velocity m/s strikes a stationary block of mass kg after travelling 1 m along a frictionless horizontal surface as shown in the figure.

A Rigid Block of Mass

The two masses stick together and jointly move by a distance of 0.25 m further along the same frictionless surface, before they touch the mass-less buffer that is connected to the rigid vertical wall by means of a linear spring having a spring constant N/m. The maximum deflection of the spring is ________ cm (round off to 2 decimal places) .

Question 51

Applied Mechanics and Design
Deflection of Beams

Appeared in Year: 2021


Numeric Answer▾

A cantilever beam with a uniform flexural rigidity is loaded with a concentrated force at its free end. The area of the bending moment diagram corresponding to the full length of the beam is 10000 N-m. The magnitude of the slope of the beam at its free end is … micro radian (round off to the nearest integer) .

Question 52

Applied Mechanics and Design
Strain Energy Methods

Appeared in Year: 2021



A plane frame PQR (fixed at P and free at R) is shown in the figure. Both members (PQ and QR) have length. L. and flexural rigidity. El. Neglecting the effect of axial stress and transverse shear. the horizontal deflection at free end R is.

A Plane Frame PQR


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