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The velocity V of a vehicle along a straight line is measured in m/s and plotted as shown with respect to time in seconds. At the end of the 7 seconds, how much will the odometer reading increase by (in m)?

Segment f Segment f: Segment [C, D] Segment f_1 Segment f_1: Segment [C_1, D_1] Segment g Segment g: Segment [G, H] Segment g_1 Segment g_1: Segment [G_1, H_1] Segment g_2 Segment g_2: Segment [G_2, H_2] Segment g_3 Segment g_3: Segment [G_3, H_3] Segment g_4 Segment g_4: Segment [G_4, H_4] Segment g_5 Segment g_5: Segment [G_5, H_5] Segment h Segment h: Segment [E, I] Segment j Segment j: Segment [K, L] Segment k Segment k: Segment [N, Q] Segment k_1 Segment k_1: Segment [N_1, Q_1] Segment k_2 Segment k_2: Segment [N_2, Q_2] Segment k_3 Segment k_3: Segment [N_3, Q_3] Segment k_4 Segment k_4: Segment [N_4, Q_4] Segment k_5 Segment k_5: Segment [N_5, Q_5] Segment l Segment l: Segment [R, S] Segment g_6 Segment g_6: Segment [G_7, H_7] Segment k_6 Segment k_6: Segment [N_6, Q_6] Segment m Segment m: Segment [T, U] Segment i Segment i: Segment [V, W] Vector u Vector u: Vector [A, B] Vector u Vector u: Vector [A, B] Vector v Vector v: Vector [E, F] Vector v Vector v: Vector [E, F] Point O Point O: Point on vPoint O Point O: Point on vV (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “V (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “V (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “V (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “V (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “V (frac {m} {s} ) text1 = “V (frac {m} {s} ) “2 text2 = “2”1 text3 = “1”-1 text4 = “-1”1 text5 = “1”2 text6 = “2”3 text7 = “3”4 text8 = “4”5 text9 = “5”6 text10 = “6”7 text11 = “7”Time (s) text12 = “Time (s) “

Velocity v of a Vehicle Along a Straight Line

Velocity V of a vehicle along a straight line


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In a plot of velocity vs time, the distance covered is given by area covered under the graph. Odometer is instrument which records speed.

Since all the square boxes have unit length. Hence, each square is covering 1sq. unit area and half squares are covering 0.5 sq. unit area.

Total area = 0.5 + 1 + 1.5 + 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 = 5 sq. unit area

. ‘. distance covered is 5m.




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