Numerical Ability-Numerical Computation [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Aptitude]: Questions 1 - 1 of 7

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Question number: 1

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Appeared in Year: 2016



The velocity V of a vehicle along a straight line is measured in m/s and plotted as shown with respect to time in seconds. At the end of the 7 seconds, how much will the odometer reading increase by (in m)?

Segment fSegment f: Segment [C, D] Segment f_1Segment f_1: Segment [C_1, D_1] Segment gSegment g: Segment [G, H] Segment g_1Segment g_1: Segment [G_1, H_1] Segment g_2Segment g_2: Segment [G_2, H_2] Segment g_3Segment g_3: Segment [G_3, H_3] Segment g_4Segment g_4: Segment [G_4, H_4] Segment g_5Segment g_5: Segment [G_5, H_5] Segment hSegment h: Segment [E, I] Segment jSegment j: Segment [K, L] Segment kSegment k: Segment [N, Q] Segment k_1Segment k_1: Segment [N_1, Q_1] Segment k_2Segment k_2: Segment [N_2, Q_2] Segment k_3Segment k_3: Segment [N_3, Q_3] Segment k_4Segment k_4: Segment [N_4, Q_4] Segment k_5Segment k_5: Segment [N_5, Q_5] Segment lSegment l: Segment [R, S] Segment g_6Segment g_6: Segment [G_7, H_7] Segment k_6Segment k_6: Segment [N_6, Q_6] Segment mSegment m: Segment [T, U] Segment iSegment i: Segment [V, W] Vector uVector u: Vector [A, B] Vector uVector u: Vector [A, B] Vector vVector v: Vector [E, F] Vector vVector v: Vector [E, F] Point OPoint O: Point on vPoint OPoint O: Point on vV (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “V (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “V (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “V (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “V (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “V (⧵frac {m} {s} )text1 = “V (⧵frac {m} {s} ) “2text2 = “2”1text3 = “1”-1text4 = “-1”1text5 = “1”2text6 = “2”3text7 = “3”4text8 = “4”5text9 = “5”6text10 = “6”7text11 = “7”Time (s)text12 = “Time (s) “

Velocity V of a Vehicle Along a Straight Line


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