GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) English Research Approaches and Methodologies Study Material (Page 7 of 20)

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Marxist Literary Criticism: Concept of Marxism, Definition and Meaning of Marxist Literary Criticism, Conclusion


Marxist Literary Criticism

Concept of Marxism

  • Marxist criticism is based on the theories espoused by the philosopher Karl Marx, as well as the intellectual Friedrich Engels.
  • Some of the main principles promoted by these thinkers have been noted below:
    • The history of humankind is shaped by material or economic processes. Social institutions, norms, widely held beliefs etc. are all a product of the economic organisation of society, which decides how goods are produced and distributed.
    • When there is a change in the material…

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Post-Colonial Literary Criticism: Concept, Characteristics, Conclusion


Post-Colonial Literary Criticism


  • This is a field of study which focuses on the literature produced in the former colonies of European imperial powers such as Britain, Spain, and France etc. Post-colonial literary criticism aims to study the relationship between the colonized and the colonizer as it is portrayed in literature. Additionally, it s…

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