GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) English Research Approaches and Methodologies Study Material (Page 11 of 20)

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Structuralism: Concept, Structuralism in Literature, Conclusion



  • This is a critical philosophy that suggests that every element of human culture is related to a larger system. There are underlying structures which shape all aspects of human culture. Since all aspects of human culture are defined by the same structure, they are all inter-related. Structuralism posits that culture and human behaviour can be understood only through analyzing the relations which exist between different elements of culture. While there might be local variations which exist on the surface, all human behaviour depends on the same structures and thus can be understood in relation to them.
  • Structuralism first emerged in the earl…

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War Poets: Introduction, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, and Rupert Brooke


A Brief Introduction

  • War poetry encompasses the poetry written during and about the First World War. It is also known as trench poetry in which testimony and poetry are yoked together, both registering new forms of violence, and the war-torn male body was the central subject.
  • War poetry is set in contrast…

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