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Rudyard Kipling: Introduction and Works



  • Kipling was born in Bombay on 30 December 1865. His father Lockwood Kipling was principal of the Jeejeebhoy school of Art. His five fabulous years in India, Kipling was sent to England at the age of six where he lived with a couple Mr. and Mrs. Holloway with his sister.
  • Kipling՚s childhood can be described as an unhappy one. Those years of humiliation, torture and oblique were recalled through his autobiography. In 1878, Kipling went on to attend United Service College at Westward.
  • Since his parents could not afford to send him to study at Oxford, he abandoned his dream and took up a job as an assistant editor of the Civil and Military Gazette at Lahore.


  • Kipling wrote over thirty …

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Social, Political, Economic and Cultural Background of 20th Century England

  • Twentieth century recorded many difficulties in all levels of society it well said that the beginning of the Twentieth Century in European history can be referred to as an age of anxiety.
  • The British Empire, which had established itself on a firm edifice after having colonized more than a third of the land and people of world, now seemed to be shaky.
  • England was entering a period of uncertainty after a long period of political stability under Queen Victoria.

1900 – 1914 (Edwardian Era)

  • King Edward reigned from 1901 - 1910 refers to the period marking the end of the 19th century to the outbreak of World War I …

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