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There are 203 notes study material on GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics arranged below by topic-subtopic. Numbers in brackets number of titles on that topic/subtopic and effort as % of the total course. The green bars indicate the progress on a topic/subtopic (based on titles you have marked complete).


Networks, Signals and Systems [16 Notes- 6.04% Effort]

Network Solution Methods [1 Notes- 0.54% Effort]

Network Theorems [12 Notes- 4.52% Effort]

Linear 2-Port Network Parameters [3 Notes- 0.98% Effort]

Electronic Devices [25 Notes- 10.12% Effort]

Energy Bands in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Silicon [25 Notes- 10.12% Effort]

Analog Circuits [30 Notes- 11.98% Effort]

Simple Diode Circuits [6 Notes- 2.08% Effort]

Single-Stage BJT and MOSFET Amplifiers [4 Notes- 1.18% Effort]

BJT and MOSFET Amplifiers [8 Notes- 2.16% Effort]

Sinusoidal Oscillators [10 Notes- 5.8% Effort]

Power Supplies [2 Notes- 0.74% Effort]

Digital Circuits [89 Notes- 46.01% Effort]

Number Systems; Combinatorial Circuits [53 Notes- 23.55% Effort]

Sequential Circuits [26 Notes- 14.97% Effort]

Data Converters [6 Notes- 4.91% Effort]

Semiconductor Memories [2 Notes- 1.14% Effort]

8-Bit Microprocessor (8085) [2 Notes- 1.41% Effort]

Control Systems [5 Notes- 3.31% Effort]

Basic Control System Components [5 Notes- 3.31% Effort]

Communications [8 Notes- 5.32% Effort]

Analog Communications [8 Notes- 5.32% Effort]

Electromagnetics [30 Notes- 17.18% Effort]

Electrostatics Maxwell's Equations [7 Notes- 4.13% Effort]

Plane Waves and Properties [5 Notes- 2.71% Effort]

Transmission Lines [17 Notes- 10.02% Effort]

Antennas [1 Notes- 0.3% Effort]