Communications [GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics]: Questions 85 - 87 of 106

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Question 85

Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation

Appeared in Year: 2019


Numeric Answer▾

A voice signal is in the frequency range to . The signal is amplitude modulated to generate an AM signal , where . The AM signal is to be digitized and archived. This is done by first sampling at times the Nyquist frequency, and then quantizing each sample using a 256-level quantizer. Finally, each quantized sample is binary coded using K bits, where K is the minimum number of bits required for the encoding. The rate, in Megabits per second (rounded off to 2 decimal places) , of the resulting stream of coded bits is ________ .

Question 86

Autocorrelation and Power Spectral Density

Appeared in Year: 2016


Numeric Answer▾

Light from free space is incident at an angle to the normal of the facet of a step index large core optical fibre. The core and cladding refractive indices are and , respectively.

The Incident Light Will be Guided in the Core of the Fibbre

The maximum value of (in degrees) for which the incident light will be guided in the core of the fibre is …

Question 87

Autocorrelation and Power Spectral Density

Appeared in Year: 2015



Which one of the following process is preferred to form the gate dielectric (Si ) of MOSFETs?


Choice (4)Response


Dry oxidation


Molecular beam epitaxy




Wet oxidation

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