GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics: Questions 1067 - 1071 of 1076

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Question 1067

Appeared in Year: 2016



Consider the constant current source shown in the figure below. Let represent the current gain of the transistor.

The Represent the Current Gain of the Transistor

The load current through is


Choice (4)Response





Question 1068

Entropy, Mutual Information and Channel Capacity Theorem


Numeric Answer▾

The input X to the Binary Symmetric Channel (BSC) shown in the figure is ‘1’ with probability 0.8. The cross-over probability is . If the received bit Y = 0, the conditional probability that ‘1’ was transmitted is …

The Input X to the Binary Symmetric Channel

Question 1069

Mid-Frequency Small Signal Analysis and Frequency Response

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

A MOSFET in saturation has a drain current of 1 mA for If the channel length modulation coefficient is , the output resistance (in ) of the MOSFET is …

Question 1070

Superposition, Thevenin and Norton's, Maximum Power Transfer

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

In the given circuit, the maximum power (in Watts) that can be transferred to the load RL is …

The Maximum Power

Question 1071

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

Consider a uniform plane wave with amplitude of and frequency travelling in air, and incident normally on a dielectric medium with complex relative permittivity and permeability as shown in the figure.

Consider a Uniform Plane

The magnitude of the transmitted electric field component after it has travelled 10 cm inside the dielectric region is …

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