GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics: Questions 1004 - 1008 of 1076

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Question 1004

Shift-Registers and Finite State Machines

Appeared in Year: 2017


Numeric Answer▾

bit shift register circuit configured for right-shift operation is is shown. If the present state of the shift register is , the number of clock cycles required to reach the state is …

The Number of Clock Cycles Required to Reach the State ABCD

Question 1005

Multiple Integrals, Line, Surface and Volume Integrals

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

A vector field exists inside a cylindrical region enclosed by the surfaces and Let S be the surface bounding this cylindrical region. The surface integral of this field on is …

Question 1006

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

An BJT having reverse saturation current is biased in the forward active region with . The thermal voltage is and the current gain may vary from to due to manufacturing variations. The maximum emitter current is …

Question 1007

Appeared in Year: 2017



A second order LTI system is described by the following state equation.

When and are the two state variables and denote the input. The output . The system is


Choice (4)Response


Critically Damped


Under Damped


Over Damped


Undamped (oscillatory)

Question 1008

Time Domain Analysis of Simple Linear Circuits

Appeared in Year: 2017


Numeric Answer▾

In the circuit shown, V is a sinusoidal voltage source. The current I am in phase with voltage V. The ratio is ________

The Circuit Shown, V is a Sinusoidal Voltage Source

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