GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics: Questions 911 - 915 of 1076

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Question 911

Appeared in Year: 2017


Numeric Answer▾

Consider the parallel combination of two LTI systems shown in figure.

The Parallel Combination of Two LTI Systems Shown in Figure

The impulse response of the system is.

If the input is a unit step signal, then the energy of y (t) is

Question 912

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

In the circuit shown in the figure, the BJT has a current gain of . For an emitter base voltage the emitter collector voltage is …

The Emitter Collector Voltage

Question 913

Appeared in Year: 2017


Numeric Answer▾

The open loop transfer function

Where p is an integer, is connected in unity feedback configuration as shown in the figure.

Unity Feedback Configuration as Shown in the Figure

Given that the steady state error is zero for unit step input and is for unit ramp input, the value of the parameter is …

Question 914

Appeared in Year: 2015



The figure shows a binary counter with synchronous clear input. With the decoding logic shown, the counter works as a

Binary Counter


Choice (4)Response





Question 915

Z-Transform, Interpolation of Discrete-Time Signals

Appeared in Year: 2019


Numeric Answer▾

Let be a length-7 discrete-time finite impulse response filter, given by



and is zero for . A length-3 finite impulse response approximation must be obtained such that

is minimized, where are the discrete-time Fourier transforms of , respectively. For the filter that minimizes , the value of rounded off to 2 decimal places, is ________.

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