GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Electronics: Questions 853 - 858 of 1076

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Question 853

Appeared in Year: 2017



The input and the output of a continuous time system are related as

. The system is


Choice (4)Response


Non-linear and time invariant


Linear and time variant


Linear and time invariant


Non-linear and time variant

Question 854

Appeared in Year: 2019


Numeric Answer▾

The number of distinct Eigen values of the matrix A = is equal to ________. (Carry One Mark Each)

Question 855

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

Let If , for , then d should be equal to …

Question 856

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

In the circuit shown, for switch SW in position A and for switch SW in position B. Assume that the op-amp is ideal. The value of is …

Switch SW in Position A

Question 857

Appeared in Year: 2015


Numeric Answer▾

The position control of a DC servo motor is given in figure. The value of the parameters is , , , , The steady-state position response (in radians) due to unit impulse disturbance torque is …

The Position Control of a DC Servo Motor

Question 858

Appeared in Year: 2016


Numeric Answer▾

A photodiode of responsivity is connected to the inverting input of an ideal op-amp as shown in the figure, , , load resistor . If of power is incident on the photodiode, then the value of the photocurrent through the load is …

The Photodiode, then the Value of the Photocurrent

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