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We have a total of 197 Study Material available on GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Economics. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Microeconomics (54)

Theory of Consumer Behaviour (41)

Theory of Production and Costs (1)

Theory of Firm (9)

Factor Pricing (3)

Macroeconomics (37)

National Income Accounting (1)

Determination of Output and Employment (7)

Theories of Consumption (25)

LM Model and Mundell Fleming Model (4)

Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (12)

Probability Theory (12)

International Economics (22)

Theories of International Trade (5)

Terms of Trade (1)

Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade (2)

WTO and Regional Trade Blocks (2)

Balance of Payments (12)

Public Economics (15)

Market Failure and Remedial Measures (6)

Public Revenue (9)

Development Economics (25)

Theories of Economic Development (8)

Indicators of Economic Development (2)

Social Sector Development (11)

Models of Economic Growth (4)

Indian Economy (32)

Economic Growth in India (11)

Industry & Services Sector (3)

Infrastructure Development (7)

Fiscal Policy in the Indian Context (11)

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