GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Computer Science: Questions 2075 - 2077 of 2080

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Question 2075

Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

Consider the following language.

The minimum number of states in DFA that accepts L is ________

Question 2076


Appeared in Year: 2020


Numeric Answer▾

Consider a TCP connection between a client and a server with the following specifications; the round-trip time is 6 ms, the size of the receiver advertised window is 50 KB, slow-start threshold at the client is 32 KB, and the maximum segment size is 2 KB. The connection is established at time t = 0. Assume that there are no timeouts and errors during transmission.

Then the size of the congestion window (in KB) at time t + 60 ms after all acknowledgements are processed is ________.

Question 2077

Appeared in Year: 2020



Consider the following data path diagram.

Figure Shows Instruction About Data Path Diagram

Consider an instruction:

The following steps are used to execute it over the given data path. Assume that PC is incremented appropriately. The subscripts r and w indicate read and write operations, respectively.

1. R2r, TEMP1r, ALUadd, TEMP2w

2. R1r, TEMP1w

3. PCr, MARw, MEMr

4. TEMP2r, R0w

5. MDRr, IRw

Which one of the following is the correct order of execution of the above steps?


Choice (4)Response


3, 5,2, 1,4


3, 5,1, 2,4


2, 1,4, 5,3


1, 2,4, 3,5

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