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Components of Motivation

  • Motivation has three major elements: activation, persistence and intensity. Activation is the enthusiasm to start and initiate an action in the direction of goal. Intensity describes how hard a person tries. This is the most talked about element when we talk of motivation. Persistence measures how long a person can maintain effort. Motivated individuals stay with a task long enough to achieve their goal.
  • Many theories of motivation have been brought up through research. Every theory lacks one or the other aspect but understanding all of them gives a full eye view of the motivation.

How motivation affects learning and behavior?

  • What role motivation plays in general life of human being, the same role is played in learning and behavior pattern of a child. A child is motivated to perform actions and tasks consistently in a particular direction to achieve his goal. It can be said that motivation is present in all human beings. All of us are motivated in one or other manner. Some students may be motivated to study well and achieve career goal, others may be motivated to develop social relations, some others may be motivated to stand top in extra-curricular activities, while some others may be motivated… (127 more words) …

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