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Elements of Motivation

Intrinsic motivation

  • Person is himself motivated to learn and gains satisfaction by learning.
  • If a teacher expects a student to have intrinsic motivation to learn, he must win hearts of his children in teaching. The best way to create curiosity and motivation in children to learn is to give a case study or problem to solve at start of a new class.
  • Another way to encourage learning in students is group learning. This also leads to cooperation between students and they also enjoy which further motivates them to study.
  • Another technique to develop motivation for learning is giving them project… (421 more words) …

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Ways to Achieve Motivation

Motivation may be achieved in any of three ways

  1. Natural interest: Intrinsic satisfaction
  2. Motivation given by the teacher: Extrinsic/External rewards
  3. Success in the task: Satisfaction and reward
  • Youth is generally motivated intrinsically to achieve something in life but with passing years of struggle, this motivation gets minimized.
  • Intrinsic motivation is the best to lead a person to his goal.
  • Those who provide external motivation should be aware that extrinsic motivation is only the way which has to be used to bring out intrinsic motivation within a person.
  • A person is extremely motivated by such tasks which seem very challenging and… (75 more words) …

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