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Transfer of Learning

  • The basic aim of teaching is transfer of knowledge. Though this is the most less talked about topic, it is the most important aspect of teaching activity. How a student grasps the knowledge of teacher is called transfer of knowledge.
  • Transfer of learning is the study of the dependency of human conduct, learning or performance on prior experience. This was propagated initially by Edward Thorndike and Robert S. Woodworth. Their theory tried to figure out how learning and the required …

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Charles Darwin’s well-known work, The Origin of Species got published in the nineteenth century when other scientists found that humans and animals do share some similarities (atleast in biological aspect), along with the differences they possess between them. Hence studying one specie will definitely give some knowledge regarding the other which interested scientists.

Thorndike Approach

Edward Thorndike conducted an experiment, in around twentieth century in order to study the b…

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