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Learning Theories

Recently a new field has emerged in psychology which is studying of how mind acquires knowledge and stores it. Psychologists are interested in this field due to the complex nature of learning of human mind. This will be useful to determine which methods should be adopted in teaching to bring better learning.

Modern learning theories consists of four different aspects which are Behaviorism, Gestalt theory, Cognitivism and Constructivism.

Different Aspects of Learning Theories

Different Aspects

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Freud’s View of Learning: Discovery of the Unconscious

  • Freud’s contributed greatly by trying to formulate a scientific psychology of learning. He sensed that apart from conscious behavior of a human, he is also motivated unconsciously. He found that by nature human is antisocial. And on this basis, he based his assumption.
  • Freud also gave some best of the therapies and this was made possible through his dynamic and clinical approach unlike the experimental one which is majorly used
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