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Title: Factors Contributing to Learning Process

  1. Heredity This factor has a very complex nature. It is said that heredity moves towards average. Hence bright parents have bright children and vice versa. Heredity follows principle of regression i. e. the trait in which parents are strong will be average in child and those traits which parents lack in, will be stronger in children. This is because heredity is not only available from immediate parents but also ancestral parents. Heredity, thus, in a way motivates a person as his future is based on his hereditary factor.
  2. Environment This factor is the most discussed and influential factor when it… (672 more words) …

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Duties and Responsibilities of Teacher, EVGCs and Lab Assistants

The Teacher must…

  • Be on time to attend morning assembly in school.
  • Emphasize on ethical approach in students along with social commitment in them.
  • Adhere to rule book of CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 and CCS (CCA) Rules 1965.
  • Regularly keep a note of teachings in class.
  • Be punctual to take the class.
  • Regularly evaluate and give feedback to the students.
  • Teachers cum faculty in-charges should continuously strive to improve quality and method of teaching by regular meetings.
  • To make optimum use of TLM money and Pupils’ Welfare Fund to increase quality of teaching learning material.

In the class, the teacher… (450 more words) …

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