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Gestalt Theory

Kohler, Koffka and Wertheimer gave the Gestalt theory which focused on higher order cognitive processes going on in the mind between behaviorism. This theory stated that we, as humans do not understand world and the information in small parts and then combine it to form complex ideas. Instead we learn world in a macro aspect, as in aggregate and then utilize this knowledge to solve complex problems. Hence they view learning from point of problem solving activity.

The theory classif…

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Personal Factors Affecting Learning

Education and ability to learn is related to some personal factors of an individual. These determine what an individual will learn, in what manner and with how many efforts. These personal factors are affected or rather formed by environmental factors surrounding him. The key factors which affect learning, as shown in research are as follows:

* Intelligence

* Aptitude

* Goals

* Interests

* Readiness and Maturation

* Motivation

* Self-Concept

* Attitudes and Values

* Lev…

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