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Democratic Methods

1. Discussion Method

This method is taught orally in a question-answer manner.


  • A child’s ability to think and express increases.
  • A child can develop leadership quality in him.
  • A child will be able to express well through this method.
  • Creative mind of a child also develops.
  • Child’s interest towards learning also increases.
  • This method also leads to development high level cognitive and affective domains of mind of a child.

Application This method can be used to teach any subject except maths, art, music and dance.

2. Heuristic Method

Teachers will pose some problem before students and they will try… (279 more words) …

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How and why children fail to achieve success in school performance?

  • Lack of Parental Involvement and Absenteeism Involvement of parents in the study of child is extremely important to cultivate their children’s interest in studies. Parents should keep everyday record of what the child is learning every day, what home-work he has been given, whether he also focuses and learns things beyond books. Home environment and stability and positive atmosphere affects a lot on the child’s learning behavior and capability.
  • Poor Organization Students should be able to manage themselves, their work and their time. They should be able to organize with their timings, the work they have. Also they should develop… (573 more words) …

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