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Autocratic Methods

1. Story telling Method


  • Interest of students develop in this method.
  • Vocabulary of student increases and improves.
  • By listening to many stories, creative thinking is initiated in children’s minds.
  • Children adopt good qualities from characters of stories.

Lively environment.

Application This method can be used to teach language and social-science.

2. Lecture Method


  • When a new chapter is being introduced, this method should be used.
  • A child will
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How children think and learn?

Children are very curious and enthusiastic to learn new things. They are very active learners. They can learn extremely well in an active learning environment. For this, they use all their senses of touch, see, smell, feel and taste.

Thinking and learning barriers if present in a child’s mind can lead to creating a huge difference in their understanding capability and logical reasoning capability. There are always examples observed in

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