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Cognition and Emotion

  • The definition of cognition can be given as combination of processes like attention, memory, problem solving, memory and planning. Cognitive processes and decisions are related with brain and they function separately and distinctly in every individual. Cognitive power of mind is not related to the emotions that a person experiences in various situations. Emotions are related to heart.
  • However it is assumed that cognition is the major component affecting emotions in a human. To prove it, strategy as ‘cognitive reappraisal’ is used which means a person rethinks and reiterates the experience of charged events which change emotions to a particular… (94 more words) …

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Cognitive Determinants of Emotion

  1. Appraisal of some external stimulus or situation: Lazarus emphasized this factor and is considered most important factor.
  2. Reactions of the body: James-Lange in their theory stated that body symptoms in a person lead to emotional experience in him. All goes well with the theory except with an exception of patient with back injuries who do not see change in their emotional experiences.
  3. Facial expression: Strack, Martin and Stepper studied the importance and requirement of facial expressions.
  4. Action tendencies: A person prepares himself in advance to tackle himself in a particular situation as in anger or fear.
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