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What is Teaching?

  • Usually we think that we know what teaching is. But teaching is not only thousands and thousands of pages of literature but also something more than that.
  • If we try to understand teaching, from the concept of learning, it means that teacher should teach student facts as well the application of theoretical knowledge. But teaching is not merely interaction between teacher and student. It is a broader aspect. We can include three aspects in teaching as planning, interaction and assessment.
  • Planning phase is planning by teacher of the possible outcomes of interaction between him and students as well as various… (90 more words) …

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What is Learning?

Wakefield (1996) described learning as a relatively permanent change in the behavior of an individual brought due to experiences or discoveries in his life. These experiences, he applies to real life situations. Thus learning is basically transforming unorganized information by application into organized information.

Basic Processes of Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching-learning process is the heart of education. It is this which is used to change the future of our country. Also the fulfillment of goal of education depends on this process.
  • Teaching learning are related terms to each other. Many variables as teacher, learner, course are brought together to achieve goal of education.
  • As the process progresses in a horizontal manner, these variables act upon to develop knowledge, behavior and skills in a person.
  • Many theories have become existent since last one century as behaviorist – relating to external stimulus; cognitive – learning related to mind and constructivist – knowledge… (156 more words) …

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