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Who are called Gifted or Talented Children?

  • “Gifted and talented children are those who by virtue of their outstanding abilities are capable of high performance. These are children whose potentialities require differentiated education programs and/or services beyond those normally performance include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in any of the following areas, individually or in combination; general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creative or productive thinking, leadership ability, visual and performing arts”.
  • The above definition is comprehensive for most of the institutions. Gifted and talented children are those who can perform extraordinarily in tasks given to them. If trained in their particular area of talent,… (75 more words) …

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How to Tackle Gifted or Talented Children in the Classroom

  • Create an independent project activity- As talented children complete their class work at a faster pace, then others, utilize that extra time to develop their area of interest.
  • Involve gifted and high achieving students in an academic competition- Arrange for competitions in school which can be held at less registration fees, and this may ultimately lead to development of skills of leadership and taking up challenges in children. Below stated are two organizations that can provide competitions and more information.
  • Plan ‘vertical enrichment’ activities- for talented students. Give them such projects and tasks which are challenging and beyond the class… (345 more words) …

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