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Techniques for Parents

Below are the points which parents should take care of, while dealing with children, as they are the ones who guide and motivate their children. It is to be kept in mind, that two children, will be different, even though both are gifted.

  1. Be conscious regarding in which direction or area the child is developing interest in. Give him more opportunities and chances of self-exploration, in such a manner that, in the process of doing so, they do not harm themselves.
  2. Communicate even small and normal things with your child. This way child will get expressive. Give him love and… (411 more words) …

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Traits Common to Gifted Children

A gifted child may have the above stated traits and qualities in him. Though he may not have all of them, he may possess more than one of them. However, the presence of these traits is to be compared in a child with the presence of mind in his peer group or the children of his age.

A gifted child, when compared with same age group children/peers

  1. He loves to conduct and participate in intellectual activities.
  2. He initiates something new, innovative and creative.
  3. He learns new subjects with curiosity and readily.
  4. He is inquisitive to learn new things.
  5. He has… (338 more words) …

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