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Characteristics/Signs of Gifted Children

  • Certain features to recognize gifted children are:
  1. They like perfect work and are idealistic.
  2. They are highly sensitive to their and others goals and expectations.
  3. They are asynchronous.
  4. Some of them prefer learning in a sequence while others prefer spatial learning.
  5. They are so talented that they may know half of the syllabus of the study even before they are taught.
  6. They find solutions to problems easily.
  7. The thinking of such students is of high level and different from other normal students which may require concrete and different understanding and test-taking skills.
  8. For them, only being at the topmost position… (135 more words) …

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Other Specific Characteristics of Gifted or Talented Children Creative Thinking

  • Independent thinker
  • Speak and write and focus on new and original ideas
  • Problem solvers
  • Humorous
  • Creative and inventors
  • Accept challenges
  • Improve their faults
  • Try to do something different and special from others

General Intellectual Ability

  • Has abstract thinking
  • Interprets in a complex manner
  • Observes things around
  • Eager to implement new ideas
  • Makes hypothesis and tests it
  • Has high grasping capability
  • Enjoys learning new words
  • Curious to know new things
  • Initiator


  • Accept tough athletic challenges
  • Requires precision in every area
  • Likes to participate in athletic offers
  • Possess excellence in motor skills
  • Has good coordination ability
  • Can convince others
  • Is highly… (99 more words) …

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