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What is Meant by Inclusive Education?

  • This group of people are such who may be on the verge of dropping off the schooling or their ability to re-start their schooling. Such people may be students, youth or even elders. They may be normal or disabled people. However, this can be curbed if the society provides such provisions and learning facilities in school which openly lends it arms to such requirements of learners and caters to their needs. Also make others ready to support such people rather than just seeing it as a problem or obstacle in their learning process.
  • Research indicates that these sorts of education… (63 more words) …

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Equalization of Educational Opportunities

  • The Indian society has history of five thousand years which is based strongly on traditions and values encouraged by many diversities as well as disparities, thereby discriminating between class, creed and genders.
  • However, to remove the disparities and discriminations, base is provided by our Constitution by
  1. Eliminating the differences on bases of religion, race, caste, sex, birth etc.
  2. Positively discriminating the disadvantaged sections by making special provisions and reservations for them.
  • These provisions have laid a strong foundation for equality basis for all discriminatory criteria. Even a special provision has been made in the Constitution for ensuring equal status in… (104 more words) …

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