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Target Groups

  1. Children of age 0 - 6 years.
  2. Children in age range 6 - 14 years requiring special treatment.
  3. Disabled students of age range of 14 - 21 years.

Disability may be of any kind. It may be sensory, physical or psychological, communicational, emotional or behavioral disorders. It also covers multiple disabilities. This is said and defined in Disability Act (1995) and the National Trust Act (1999). Following disabilities come under this category.

* Blindness

* Low Vision

* Leprosy Cu…

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Mentally retarded children

Children whose psychological development s not as other children due to some or other children are included in this category. These are such children who develop physically as other normal children but their mental growth is retarded after certain age. Such problems are permanent and cannot be cured. Such children require help of others for life time.

Their needs

  1. Education and training should be made part of such children.
  2. Emphasize that they do their personal work on their own, …

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