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Teacher’s Role to Encourage Tribal Child

Continuous efforts are been made by the government to encourage tribal area to be educated and literate. However, combined efforts have to be made by the society in this area, the main role of which lies with the teacher. It is the duty of teacher to look to it that the admitted students are retained happily in the school along with developing them properly to the fullest extent. Efforts that can be made by teachers are

  • Teacher can advise and motivate parents of children to send children to school by making them aware of the scholarships and other incentives offered… (167 more words) …

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Girl’s Education: Present Situation

There has improvement in the literacy rate of girl/women education after independence but it hasn’t reached a level which may be said as to be desirable. This is due to the discriminatory factor that has been deeply rooted in our cultures since ages. Some reasons are stated beneath:

  • Society, even today prefers birth of boy child than girl child.
  • When girls become adolescents, they are withdrawn from schools as society has adopted conservative thought.
  • As girls are married at a young age, they drop out from schools. Despite of child marriages being prohibited, they continue to happen, even today in… (108 more words) …

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